The Ison Method - Music, Medicine, and the Mind-Body Connection
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The Ison Method

The Ison Method™: Music, Medicine and the Mind Body Connection


Out of the darkness into the light: the path to the Ison Method

“In 1980 I was in a serious car accident. Left unable to walk and in terrible pain, I drew upon my experience as a musician and meditation teacher to explore how I could use breath, meditation, and music to heal and free myself from pain. To my doctor’s amazement, I made a full recovery. Wanting to share my experience with others, I refined what I had discovered and created a new kind of music, and I also developed a new way of using music, which I call The Ison Method™.”David Ison

The Ison Method (IM) has brought relief, self awareness and emotional balance to people and practitioners around the world. Combining music, sound, and vibration with conversation and meditation, IM helps you:

  • Relax deeply
  • Release accumulated tension, suppressed memory and emotion
  • Receive an experience of inner calm and deep relaxation, and allow any emotional responses to be welcomed by the listener.
  • Integrate this new experience and information.

IM is a practice, a way of working with the mind, body and spirit to achieve a more unified frame of mind and body. Along the way, IM brings you relief from emotional and physical pain and helps you come to know who you are, where you and what your purpose is in this life. IM uses the following tools to help bring this transformation forward:

  • Music:  David Ison’s TheraSound and IM offer some of the most beautiful and effective music you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing. David’s music creates a unique transformational experience. This is not just music that you listen to, its music that you use. Click here for more information on David’s music.
  • Meditation:  Meditation plays an important role in the practice of IM. Developing a daily practice of meditation is an essential part of one’s personal, emotional and spiritual growth. Click here for more information on David’s meditation techniques.
  • The Breath:  Did you know that you can use your breathing to create a deep state of relaxation? Its true. Slow, long, rhythmic breathing can, in a matter of minutes bring you into a state of receptive calm. David’s music helps you breath in this way. Try it. Its amazing how fast and how deep you go. No drugs. No hypnosis. No binaural beats to entrain your brain. Just your breath. Your own natural healing energy.
  • Your Body’s Energy System: Opening up the energy centers in your body, letting go of physical and emotional blockages and experiencing a free flowing movement of your body’s natural life giving energy is a key component of the practice of IM. Click here for more information

Whether in private sessions with David or by listening to his transformative programs, there is so much more to The Ison Method, so much to learn, so much to Practice. Please explore our site and see what IM has to offer you!

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