The Ison Method - Music, Medicine, and the Mind-Body Connection
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The Music

TheraSound: The Music behind the Ison Method (IM)

"TheraSound is the most relaxing and clinically effective music on the planet today."

                                                                        Jonathan Goldman,
Author Healing Sounds

“TheraSound began with my recognition of the need for stress reducing, therapeutic music for the healthcare and personal growth communities. I felt that a drug free, natural alternative to the current pharmaceutical approach would be a welcome contribution and happily, that has proven to be true.”……David Ison

David Ison’s TheraSound and IM offer some of the most beautiful and effective music you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing. His music creates a transformational experience that will become a part of your daily personal practice.

This is not just music that you listen to, its music that you use.

You use David’s music to:

  • Regulate your body's breathing patterns
  • To let go of tension and trauma
  • To balance your emotional body.

Working with long and extended chord structures, David’s music entrains the body’s breathing system and encourages your breathing to become slower and deeper. When your body breathes in this way, you experience the “relaxation response.” This beneficial state of body mind is characterized by a drop in blood pressure and pulse and a generally more relaxed, calm state of being. From within this state of relaxation and calm, the harmony between the body and the mind is greatly enhanced and deeper personal work can now begin. Click here to read more about the Ison Method

Here are some of the secrets behind his music:

  • David’s music works with the breath. His chord structures rise and fall, slowly descending and ascending, entraining your breathing and gently encouraging you to follow along. You’ll find this incredibly easy to do--- indeed, within just a few minutes of listening to the music, your breathing has become deeper, slower and you begin to experience the relaxation response.
  • His deeply evocative melodies are woven into the fabric of the music. Layers of sounds are interlaced so as not to distract the listener and yet provide a satisfying melodic journey. Here’s what David has to say about this important aspect of his creative process:

 “One of the most important discoveries to emerge from my years of research and recording was that melodies energetically stimulated the emotional body, and could bring forward unwanted memories and feelings. Too much melody can actually raise rather than lower a person’s stress level and pull them out of the healing, inner experience.

To counter this, I began positioning melodies within my compositions so they would be harmonically present in a very subtle way. I concentrate on creating harmonic relationships that help listeners to stay present for the inner journey.

Composing in this way is very difficult. Here the melody is always subordinate. That’s why in the majority of my compositions, the melodic phrases linger and seem to drift in and out of the underlying harmonic patters. By doing this, listeners find it easy to experience a deep sense of relaxation accompanied by feelings of liberation and joy”

  • A master of “sculpting” sound, David brings musical elements into what he calls “the architectural arrangement of sound.”  (AAS) To do this, he calls upon over forty years of recording experience, to create sound and music that literally moves in time and space, surrounding the listener with harmonic vibrations that are rendered into architectural forms. Enveloped within this sound cocoon, listeners feel safe and are more apt to let go of long held tensions and trauma and to just simply relax and stay focused on the experience.
  • Singing has always been an important part of David’s musical expression. His years of practicing Tibetan three tone chanting, singing the close harmonies of modern accapella styling’s, sweet soul music, jazz and country blues, add a unique flavor to his transformational recordings. In the studio, David pays particular attention to tonal vocalizations and creating vocal tapestries that radiate expressions of harmony and joy throughout his compositions. By recording these multilayered harmonies using his AAS process, the vocal components of his compositions shimmer and move, bringing his compositions to an entirely new level of complexity and effectiveness.
  • While the use of electronic keyboards and computer processing play an important role in David’s compositional process, his emphasis is on the organic nature of stringed instruments and their tonal qualities. A multi-instrumentalist with a large variety of instruments at his disposal, he uses everything from vintage martins, 19 century nylon stringed guitars, mandolins and a interesting array of vintage electric guitars to create his pleasing soundscapes. In fact, o lot of what the listener thinks is keyboard processing, is actually David’s method of using stringed instruments in his wonderfully rewarding and unique way.

When you listen to David’s music, you’ll hear these techniques and many more at work.  You’ll experience what has been called “The most relaxing and beautiful music on the planet today.”

Try some of the music samples below or go to our product sections for more.
Listen to a sample of PAIN MANAGEMENT.
Listen to a sample of SLEEP MANAGEMENT.
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