The Ison Method - Music, Medicine, and the Mind-Body Connection
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What Health Care Professionals are saying about
TheraSound and the Ison Method

“TheraSound is the NIH’s music of choice”

George Patrick, PHD
Chief of Rehabilitation Medicine (retired)
National Institutes of Health


“TheraSound balances the body's energetic system better than any other music I have experienced”

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PHD
Founding President
American Holistic Medical Association


“David Ison’s music should be in every therapist’s office to assist clients in letting go of stress and getting more peacefully connected to their bodies.

Mary Rice, PHD La Jolla CA

"TheraSound is the most relaxing and clinically effective music on the Planet today."                    

Jonathan Goldman 
Author: Healing Sounds,
President Sound Healers Ass.

"I have waited for years for music that was truly effective. David Ison and TheraSound have done it! This music really works. I use it in my practice everyday."

Jack Swarz Author,
The Path of Action, Creative Meditation, 
founder: The Alethia Foundation


TheraSound’s Everyday Users Say:

"I've been listening to TheraSound regularly for more than twenty years.  I began using it as an aide to my T'ai Chi work, but more and more nowadays I use it to inoculate myself against everyday stress.  I find that it's a good antidote to the tensions inherent in modern life and working under deadline.  Within a few seconds of hearing the first notes I can feel the relaxation response taking hold as my breathing begins to synchronize with the gentle and rhythmic movement in the chords.  It always works.”

Mike Folie, Play and Speech Writer

"David’s music is a special gift I give myself on a regular basis. No matter what the stress of the day brings, after using David Ison's music, my mind, body and spirit are always returned to a sense of wholeness, peace and serenity."

Sister Myra Bergman,
Vice President St. Mary’s Mercy Medical Center


"This morning I was driving to work in rush hour traffic in midtown Manhattan.  I turned off the AM news radio, popped the Harmonizer into my CD player, and arrived at my destination relaxed and refreshed

Michael Cogswell, 
Museum   Director, Brooklyn, NY


"The Ison Method is the Super Highway to the essential self… you to identify and thereby avoid the self imposed roadblocks that keep you from reaching the ultimate destination...your inner self”

Madeline Cahill Attorney, Author, Negotiator


" The Ison Method opened doors to my peaceful center… now my mind and body move together”

Padraic O’Hare, Author and Professor


 “David Ison has taken healing to new heights…his work is an exploration into healing the Self on all levels” –

Wendy Welfeld  agent, producer and ritual director

"Through the use of the Ison Method, I have been able to find my purpose and release my essential self.  Integrating this practice into my familial, social, work and spiritual life has been immeasurably satisfying and rewarding.”

Paul Anastasi, Pharmacist


" The TheraSound Method helped me bring perspective to my range of feelings. My mind was cut off from objective reality and the Method allowed me to integrate body and mind."

Josh Anderson, computer programmer


"David Ison and his Method has helped me transform into the person I am today. I have stopped 'running' and am a more serene person because of what he has taught me. My progress, in the truest sense of the word, has been miraculous.”

 Joann, recovering addict and counselor


“…David's Method, meditation and music therapy made my life became liveable again…”

Charlene, Business manager and homemaker

“David Ison's music and his unique therapeutic method has assisted me in shifting stagnant energy around old issues so that I could move forward.  It is also great to use for a daily tune up if energies get out of balance.  Thank you David!”

Gayle, Teacher and energy healer


 “Once I started working with David and his Ison Method my life became liveable again.

Mary, nurse and mother


“The work that David does cuts through a lot of the symptoms of psychological damage and arrives at the heart of the problem. The therapeutic music, active listening, astute analysis and his techniques for the resolution of one's personal obstructions provides a large space for healing."

Kevin Jones, senior programmer


"The TheraSound Method opened doors to my Essential Self  which had been closed by years of coping with stresses of work and relationship. My mind had ruled the day but now my mind, body and spirit are in unity."

Bruce, architect


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