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Pain Management Programs


“Over 500,000 of our patients have experienced David Ison’s music.”

George Patrick, Ph.D.
Chief, Rehabilitation Medicine Department (retired)
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD


If you are suffering from physical, emotional or chronic pain, you know that feelings of anxiety, fear, depression and anger can make even the smallest of  life’s tasks seem intolerable. Now, at last, a drug free, easy to use and enjoyable solution is here….The Ison Pain Management System.

Based on years of research and development The Ison Pain Management System will brings you:.

  • Beautiful music that encourages you to regulate your breathing
  • A reduction in pain and anxiety through the Relaxation Response
  • David’s soothing voice and words guiding you into deep relaxation
  • A drug free, natural way of reducing pain

This amazingly easy-to-use program allows you to call upon your body’s natural resources to enhance healing and rejuvenation. The Ison Pain Management System features a peaceful soundscape of rising and falling musical chords that gently coax your breath to slow down and deepen, easily bringing you into the Relaxation Response.  Studies show that this Relaxation Response leads to a slowing of heart rate, lowering of blood pressure, and a reduction in pain.

David will introduce you to the principles of releasing pain and anxiety and then lead a guided meditation designed to help you:

  • Learn ancient, tried and true pain relieving, breathing techniques
  • To relax and let go of tension and trauma
  • To learn how to let go of negative, pain producing emotions.

Treat yourself to this wonderful, natural, drug free way to ease your pain. Order today!


Ison Pain Management System
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Let go of pain and anxiety
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