The Ison Method - Music, Medicine, and the Mind-Body Connection
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Meditation Section

Meditation Article links
Applying Meditation to Your
Every Day Life
Observing the Reality As It Is
The Wandering Mind
The Four Movements of The Mind
Observing the Breath
Maintaining Mental Balance
The Enemies of Meditation
Continuity of Practice
Final Comments and Encouragements

Meditation plays an important role in the practice of Im.  Developing a daily practice of meditation is an essential part of one’s personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

David Ison is a long time meditation practitioner and teacher. He has the unique ability to simplify deeply esoteric ideas that many people find confusing and that actually hinder their understanding of how to enjoy the practice of meditation.

David has written some wonderful articles on the various aspects of a daily meditation practice and you can find them here. If you any questions about meditation and how it applies to your life or IM, please email us



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