The Ison Method-Music, Medicine, and the Mind-Body Connection
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Welcome to The Ison Method!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to The Ison Method of achieving physical well being, emotional balance and spiritual renewal through music, meditation and the mind-body connection.

David Ison, founder and President of TheraSound, is a pioneer and renowned innovator in the practice of using music to promote well being and spiritual growth.  Since 1985, his compositions have been the music of choice for health care practitioners of all kinds, body workers, therapists and spiritual healers. Everyday, around the world, in doctor’s offices, hospitals, integrative medicine facilities, health spas, hospice centers, spiritual sanctuaries and the privacy of their own homes, people experience the transformative power of David’s music and method.

Practitioners, patients and spiritual seekers who practice The Ison Method achieve remarkable results through the wholesome and holistic pathways of breath, inner focus and spiritual awakening -- aided and enhanced by the healing sounds of David’s award winning, beautiful, transformational music.

The Ison Method works.  According to a three-year clinical study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, David Ison’s compositions have the ability to trigger the relaxation response and reduce a wide range of physical and mental symptoms, including high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and headache.  ( link to research page)

David Ison has been developing and practicing The Ison Method with healthcare professionals and their patients for nearly three decades. And now, through his partnership with the Relaxation Company and Sounds True, he is bringing the best of The Ison Method directly to you.

Please take a few moments to:

Read David Ison’s own personal story of physical rejuvenation and how, after a severe, life changing injury, he was moved to create Therasound and the Ison Method.

Enjoy samples of The Ison Method’s melodious, stress-relieving music.

Wishing you peace, health and spiritual renewal.

* Patrick, George. The effects of vibroacoustic music on symptom reduction: inducing the relaxation response through good vibrations. IEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology. March/April, 1999; pp. 97-100
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Celebrating The Heart of Transformation
Level One:
Celebrating the Essence of Relationship
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Celebrating the Essence of Expression
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The Tibetan Three Tone Style
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